History of FAITH



• As a grassroots effort, FAITH conducted a community-wide needs assessment and determined a justified need for a domestic violence program in Rabun County.


 • Formed the FAITH Board of Directors and applied for incorporation and non-profit status. Gained 501(c)3 non-profit status and becomes a registered corporation in the state of Georgia.
• Started the FAITH 24-hour crisis hotline.
• Hired Executive Director and began providing services to victims of domestic violence.
• Began training volunteers to provide direct client services.
• Awarded first federal contract with VOCA to serve victims of domestic violence crimes.


• Opened the FAITH Thrift Store in Dillard to help raise funding.
• With 2 staff members, services are increased and existing projects continue to be enhanced as needs grow.
• Applied for DHR state certification and is declined on the basis of lack of need for a shelter in Rabun County as determined by a state needs assessment conducted 5 years earlier.


• Applied for and received Rhapsody in Rabun $35,000 proceeds.
• Volunteer base reaches 22.
• Purchased and renovated a building with proceeds from Rhapsody in Rabun for use as a Shelter for Battered Women and their children.
• Relocated FAITH Thrift Store to downtown Clayton, Georgia.


• FAITH Shelter opened and 1st client served within 1 month of January opening.
• Awarded several state contracts including DCA, VOCA, DHR and DFCS to increase services and expand existing projects.
• Staff increased to 4, expanded programmatic efforts when statistics show a greater need for additional services.
• Conducted a community-wide survey and finds a need for services for victims of sexual assault as well as domestic violence.
• Awarded a state contract to provide sexual assault prevention services for Rabun and Stephens counties.
• Applied for state certification as a Domestic Violence Shelter for 2nd time.


• Received limited state certification and applied for federal funding through the state Family Violence Program.
• Awarded a state and federal funding contract as a state Certified Shelter.
• Awarded a contract with federal VAWA program to provide extensive Sexual Assault Services in Rabun, Stephens, and Towns counties.
• Increased paid staff to 6. Staff paid through state and federal contracts and provide direct client services to men, women, and children.
• Volunteer base reaches 31.
• Organized the 1st annual Sweetheart Ball with proceeds benefiting families in crisis.
• FAITH Thrift Store now operating 5 days a week with annual income exceeding operating expenses.


• Awarded full state Shelter Certification status.
• Awarded a state contract for services and shelter by the Georgia DHR Family Violence Program-the only new shelter awarded a contract in 1999.
• Conducted a 3 year strategic plan and mission to form goals and objectives.
• Held 2nd annual Sweetheart Ball - attendance exceeded 250 people.
• Hired additional staff member to provide 24 hour on-site Shelter coverage.
• Applied for and awarded a Rabun County Grant to provide shelter and services.
• Conducted an internal audit and strategic planning session to determine overall statistics since 1993. Determined 1,350 adults and children received FAITH services, shelter, support, and advocacy.
• Year-end statistics show that 473 persons served in 1999.


• FAITH broadens its mission to STOP ABUSE through extended prevention programs.
• FAITH Shelter is renovated and decorated to provide a home environment for clients.
• Resource Library created for clients, including videos, books, workbooks and a computer.
• Funding provided to begin the Child Advocacy Center in Stephens County.


• Annual Sweetheart Ball hosted 400 people at the new Rabun County Civic Center.
• A nationally acclaimed prevention program, Parent-to-Parent, featuring Bill Oliver, is donated and made available through FAITH.
• FAITH received funding for a staff position, TANF Assessor to work collaboratively with the Department of Family and Children Services.

2002 • FAITH received an anonymous gift of $75,000 to open the Power House for Kids - Child Advocacy Center
2003 • FAITH launched the Mountain Judicial Circuit CASA program and the Drugs Not in My Kid! Not in My County! Campaign.
2004-2005 • FAITH 's shelter was completely remodeled to create a more peaceful home-like facility
2006 Completed Therapy Wing addition to the Power House
2008 FAITH's New Shelter was completed with more rooms and space for individuals and families needing safety from violence
2012 FAITH's Thrift Store opens a new Furniture location in downtown Clayton.
2012 FAITH is the first to reach "tipping point" in the State of Georgia for training over 600 Adults in the Darkness to Light 7-Steps to protecting children program.
2015 FAITH's Power House completes expansion and remodeling to accommodate 3 staff offices, meeting room, therapy waiting area and additional therapy rooms.