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TUesday Girls

The Tuesday Girls - (left to right Carole Menge, Jacqueline Groover, and Vicki Carden)

format_quoteI'm just enjoying the show and hate to leave". - FAITH Thrift Store Shopper

the Tuesday Girls!

They each have their own story about how they came to volunteer at FAITH's Thrift Store, but their reason why they do it is the same - Because together they laugh, have fun and enjoy creating a place for people to shop knowing FAITH's Thrift Store is a sizable contribution to the running of FAITH's Shelter and Power House programs. The Thrift Stores contribute to assisting FAITH with operating a Shelter and Power House 24/7 365 days a year.

If you have ever met Jacqueline, you know she is rarely without a smile.  A long time supporter of FAITH, Jacqueline brought her passion for fashion with her when she began volunteering at FAITH's Thrift Store.  She has an eye for creating the perfect ensemble with a quick zip around the rack.

Jacqueline's enthusiasm is what brought Carole to volunteer.  "After paying for a purchase, I mentioned to the ladies how nice the store looked and what a good job they were doing.  Upon hearing that, Jackie asked if I would like to work there."  Since Carole's major in college had been retail/marketing, volunteering sounded appealing and she walked out with a volunteer application.  By the following week, she answered a call from Debbie Jones (Thrift store manager at that time) inviting her to start that week.   

It's been two years since Vicki was invited by Carole "to come up from Toccoa to shop at this great thrift store in Clayton" where Carole had been volunteering.  It was after she had enjoyed shopping that Carole put Vicki to work helping.  Something she has done almost every Tuesday since.  "We have so much fun, that even though I am exhausted by the end of the day, I always look forward to it. The camaraderie the Tuesday Girls have with each other makes it not only a fun place for shoppers but it can also be very entertaining.  Carole tells of when "A few customers were standing at the register after paying for purchases.  When I asked if there is something else I can help them with, they respond, "No, I'm just enjoying the show and hate to leave".

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Summertime need for our kids!

Summertime can be difficult for children in our shelter or who have experienced family violence, Many caregivers are unable to afford the cost and the disconnection from friends can leave children feeling lonely and isolated.  We currently have 3 children in our program (and possibly a few more) who would love to go to camp this summer.   Camp Dixie, Evergreen, High Harbour, Athens Y, or the CLC's summer program are some of the options in Rabun County. If you are interested in helping make a great summer for a kid (or knows someone who is), we would love to hear from you.  Feel free to call Alex at (706) 212-2175 at our Clayton location.

Thank you Head Start!

Thank you Head Start for the Awesome cubbies for our kids!  
The love having a special place for their things!

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Volunteer With Us!

(706) 782-1003 - ask for Tammy

Thrift Store & Furniture Store

FAITH's Thrift Store and Furniture Store provide a crucial source of income for FAITH's programs and services.  Your help supports our mission to provide free and confidential services to victims of abuse.  

Power House internships

Occasionally our Power House has internship opportunities through our local colleges and post-grad programs.
Call (706) 886-2290 for more information

Child & Youth programs

Our Child & Youth Advocate occasionally needs assistance with a variety of activities.  From helping with homework to summer projects, there are opportunities to build a child's confidence.

Creative Opportunites

Do you have a special talent or specific time you want to share?  Are you part of a group looking for a project that makes a difference?
Let us know, we'd love to hear from you.  Our programs have a variety of needs and you may be just the person or group to help!