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Child Advocacy Center

It is our MISSION to provide free and confidential services to alleged victims of child abuse.

It is our GOAL to ensure that children disclosing abuse are not further victimized by the intervention systems designed to protect them. Children and teens coming to FAITH's Power House may be victims of abuse and/or neglect, or may have witnessed a serious crime. 

From our environment to the services we offer, our focus is on the child and his/her non-offending caregiver(s).  FAITH's Power House is able to offer a "kid-focused" coordinated team response to allegations of abuse by bringing together agencies and professionals involved in the investigation and intervention system.  The multidisciplinary approach means that FAITH's Power House brings Law Enforcement, Child Protective Services, Medical Professionals, Forensic Interviewers, Mental Health Professionals and Advocates into one location, reducing the need for children and families to navigate a sometimes difficult and confusing system

Services provided by children's advocacy centers include the following:

  • Forensic Interviews:   A specially trained forensic interview offers the opportunity to communicate experiences in a manner that is legally sound and maximizes the child's abilities.  Team members involved in the investigation, health and welfare of the child are able to observe the interview in a separate room that is non-intrusive to the child or caregiver.
  • Forensic Medical Exams:  On-site exams are non-invasive and provided by specially trained Registered Nurse Practitioners from Toccoa Clinic.  FAITH's Power House also offers tele-health services with Children's Healthcare of Atlanta's Child Protective Services department.  This partnership offers live exam support as well as consultation and medical peer review support.
  • Trauma Focused Therapy and Crisis Counseling:  An essential part of the healing process for children and families is receiving therapeutic services that help move them through the crisis and towards healthy relationships.
  • Advocacy:  Navigating the "system" can seem overwhelming and confusing.  An advocate can help keep the focus on the child, connect children and caregivers to team members and support caregivers through the legal process. 
  • Multidisciplinary Team Coordination:  FAITH's Power House understands that with effective team member collaborations: 
    • communication is exchanged in a timely manner
    • team members mutually benefit from the expertise and experience of others
    • Innovative and child-focused responses are explored.

All services are free and confidential to the child and his/her caregiver. 

FAITH's Power House for Kids is a program of FAITH in Rabun County, Inc. and accredited member of  the National Children's Alliance and Children's Advocacy Centers of GeorgiaFunding for FAITH's Power House is received from Federal, State and Local granting authorities as well as private sector contributions.  FAITH's Power House is honored to receive support from:  United Way – Northeast Georgia, Habersham County United Way, The Children’s Advocacy Centers of Georgia, The National Children’s Alliance, County 5% funds.

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